New York Flutists is a chamber ensemble that showcases a variety of instruments from the flute family including the piccolo, alto flute, and the bass flute. Founded by Soo-Kyung Park and many of her pupils, their goal to bring music to a wide range of audiences and garner interest from new patrons through engaging and innovative programming. The musicians of New York Flutists hold master’s and doctorate degrees in performance from prestigious conservatories in the United States and aboard. Many currently serve as faculty at various institutions of higher education in New York while maintaining active solo, chamber, and orchestra careers that span from New York to California as well as East Asia.

New York Flutists successfully launched its first season of “New York Flutist in Concert” with featured guest artist Keith Underwood. At the concert, they also premiered (North American) Cuento Infantil sin Palabras (A Children’s Story without Words) by Venezuelan composer Andrés Levell which gained greater audience on Social media and made headline on the Venezuela Sinfónica. In December 2018, New York Flutists presented the first house concert “Afternoon Salon Concert,” which aimed to engage smaller audience in an intimate music scenery. New York Flutists were featured on various televised programs, including TKCTV Site Sketch and KCB Jinok Sylvia Lee’s Artifacts on KBTV, New York, promoting concert events as well as performing on set. This coming August, New York Flutists has been invited to perform at upcoming 47th Annual National Flute Association Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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