with Jeanne Baxtresser, Alberto Almarza, Jim Walker, Soo-Kyung Park and Stephen Schultz

June 18-22, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

"Dear Flutists,

We are so thrilled with the response to our upcoming class! We have heard from many wonderful flutists from around the world and are looking forward to a very exciting class this summer!

We have filled our PERFORMER and PARTICIPANT positions in the class, but due to the enthusiastic response and great interest in the PARTICIPANT class we have created more time in our schedule to accomodate a limited number of additional PARTICIPANTS. We have only a few additional spaces available for PARTICIPANTS. If you are interested we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

We would also like to extend an invitation to those flutists that wish to attend the lectures, workshops and masterclasses, without performing in the class. We look forward to having you join us as AUDITORS. To be sure that we have the opportunity to meet with you during the week, we are inviting all AUDITORS to a special Auditor Meet and Greet Reception with the entire faculty. This will be our chance to meet individually with each of you.

We look forward to seeing many wonderful flutists in June! Don't forget - teachers and parents of registered students are invited to the class as our guests!"


   - $275 (full week)

   - $75 (day) / $45 (Sunday)

*Registration fee additional






Our PARTICIPANT option includes all of the following opportunities!


  • ONE 15-minute Participant Masterclass Performance (Alberto Almarza, Soo-Kyung Park or Stephen Schultz, our choice)
  • ONE PRIVATE 15-minute Participant Mini-Lesson (Alberto Almarza, Soo-Kyung Park or Stephen Schultz, our choice)
  • ONE PRIVATE 10-minute Mini-Session with Jeanne Baxtresser or Jim Walker (our choice)
  • Enjoy inspiring masterclasses, workshops and lectures with Jeanne Baxtresser, Alberto Almarza, Jim Walker, Soo-Kyung Park and Stephen Schultz
  • Have an opportunity to visit with many flute vendors at the class, including: Brannen Brothers, Burkart Flutes, Flute Pro Shop, Flute Specialists, Miyazawa, Sankyo, Jonathan Landell, Nagahara, Haynes, Altus and more!
  • Meet flutists from around the world as we gather to learn, grow and inspire each other during this special week at Carnegie Mellon University!



Lectures & Workshops

  1. Alternative Fingerings for the Flutist: Creating Colors and Making Intonation and Technique Easier
  2. Contemporary Techniques for Flute: What Every Flutist Should Know
  3. Exploring the Magic of Ethnic Flutes
  4. Using Technology to Enhance Practice and Performance
  5. Improvisation for the Inhibited Classical Player
  6. Strategies for Planning Your Career While Still in School
  7. Becoming a Great Student: How to Take a Lesson!
  8. Achieving Flow and Focus in Performance and Auditions
  9. Stage Presentation: The Importance of the Visual Impression
  10. 18th Century Music in the 21st Century: Performing Baroque Music Today
  11. A Countdown Calendar for School Auditions - What to do and when to do it: A guide for approaching undergraduate and graduate auditions with organization and comfort
  12. Building Flute Fundamentals: Effective and Enjoyable Methods