About the Showcase at NFA Convention
The 2019 NFA theme is 'Transforming Artistry' and it aims to celebrate the history and legacy of teachers. New York Flutists will be featuring two works, Cimarosa Concerto for 2 Flutes in G Major and A Lovely Storycomposed by Slovenia composer Anze Rozman. Two soloists, Keith Underwood and Soo-Kyung Park, have influenced many decades of flutists, not just in New York, but all around the world. Keith Underwood is a renowned Flutist and educator who previously joined the New York Flutists as a guest soloist in the 2018 concert in NYC. Underwood serves on the faculties of Mannes School of Music, New York University and Queens College. Park serves as the faculties of MSM, Pre-College and New York University. Both teachers have been active flutists and educators in all of New York for decades.


Friday, August 2, 2019 | 4PM
Salt Palace Convention Center
100 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


New York Flutists: Sarah Abrams / Hee Jung Kim / Esther Hyung Lee / Julie Lee / Jinyoung Susanna Paik / Jisun Park / Soo-Kyung Park / Grace Quigley / SungAe Song / Hyeshin Yoon

Soloists: Soo-Kyung Park / Keith Underwood


Anže Rozman (b.1989) - A Lovely Story

   Soloist - Soo-Kyung Park

Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801) - Concerto for 2 Flutes in G major, G.1077
   I. Allegro
   II. Rondo
   III. Rondo - Allegretto Ma Non Troppo

   Soloist - Keith Underwood & Soo-Kyung Park

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Soo-Kyung Park, Director

Lareine Han, Manager

Esther Hyung Lee, Librarian

Julie Lee, Treasurer/Secretary

Jinyoung Susanna Paik, Coordinator

Grace Quigley, Technical writer


New York Flutists with Mindy Kaufman

Saturday, May 11, 2019 4:30PM

Second Presbyterian Church, NYC

Musicians: Yuna Yen-Yu Chen / Lareine Han / Jennifer Jo / Hee Jung Kim / Esther Hyung Lee / Julie Lee / Jinyoung Susanna Paik / Jisun Park / Soo-Kyung Park (Director) / Grace Quigley /  Hurlie Yang / Ashley Chia-Wei Yeh / Hyeshin Yoon
Special Guest: Eunjung Ahn, Organ / Sean Ormiston, Bass


New York Flutists Afternoon Salon Concert

Saturday, December 15, 2018 3:30PM

Park Ridge, NJ

Musicians: Sarah Abrams, Lareine Han, Esther Hyung Lee, Julie Lee, Clare Na, Soo-Kyung Park, Hyeshin Yoon, Sung Ae Song, Zimeng Wang, Grace Quigley


New York Flutists in Concert

Sunday, September 23, 2018 7PM

Christ & Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, NYC

Musicians: Soo-Kyung Park, Keith Underwood, Sarah Abrams, Lareine Han, Edna Jeon, Esther Hyung Lee, Julie Lee, Jinyoung Susanna Paik, Hyeshin Yoon, Zimeng Wang, Grace Quigley, Hee Soun Choi (Cello)


Contact to New York Flutists by email to nyflutists@gmail.com, facebook message, or via instagram.